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Architecture Photography: Imperial War Museum North.

Imperial War Museum North: © Andrew Woodhouse 2011. All rights reserved.

Workhouse photographer Andrew Woodhouse has been revisiting some old favourite shots recently and re-discovered this shot of the Imperial War Museum North. Andrew says: “I really liked this shot when I first took it but couldn’t decide which way to take it, processing wise. When I revisited this shot recently I decided to go for a contrasty but slightly de-saturated look with lots of punch. I wanted something that complemented the unusual angle and distortion of the wide angle lens. I think the processing provides a different take on a oft photographed building.”

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Product Photos: Shooting for Live Ribble Valley

Product Photography: The Bridge Bag. © Workhouse Studios 2011. All rights reserved.

As well as shooting on location, we also do a lot of studio photography at Workhouse. Our studio, Workhouse Studios is ideal for this as it has 3500 sq ft of creative shooting space.

Workhouse photographer, Andrew Woodhouse was asked to shoot a main product feature for the magazine. We got to shoot some really cool products including a Cartier Watch, Tom Ford sunglasses and Cristal Champagne. Continue reading

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Location Shoot: Metflex.

A lot of our recent photography at Workhouse has been location based, and our shoot for Metflex was no exception. We had been asked to shoot a variety of images for web use, including exterior building images, staff portraits and interior shots of the factory.

It was fascinating to see how their components are made and to see such a great company so local to us.

Below are a couple of behind the scenes images, the finished shots will follow shortly.

Metflex BTS. Woody shooting up a ladder. © Workhouse Studios 2011. All rights reserved.


Metflex BTS. Woody shooting in the factory. © Workhouse Studios 2011. All rights reserved.


Metflex BTS. Woody shooting in the factory. © Workhouse Studios 2011. All rights reserved.

If you’d like Workhouse to shoot images for you and your business, please get in touch via email or phone. Alternatively feel free to pop in for a brew and a chat.

Workhouse Studios

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New Forbes Website Live.

Forbes website PR.

We’ve been doing a lot of work for Forbes Solicitors recently, working on photos for their new website. We’re pleased to report that their new website is now live, and looking great. As well as doing the photography Workhouse also designed the site.
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Shooting products for Tontarelli.

Tontarelli product photos. © Workhouse Studios 2011. All rights reserved.

We’ve been doing lots of work for client Tontarelli recently. We shoot lots of product photos for them, ranging from shots on white or black backgrounds to the kind of shots you see below.
This is a recent image we took for them and it’s due to feature on the shelves of a well known supermarket any time now!

Tontarelli 4 piece bin set. © Workhouse Studios 2011. All rights reserved.

Workhouse Studios

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A great month for photography at Workhouse.

It’s been a great month for the Workhouse photographer Andrew Woodhouse this month, with not one but 2 magazine covers. This is the first time Andrew’s worked directly with the Live Magazines and he has done a great job, with both the front covers for Live Ribble Valley and Live Preston to add to his portfolio this month and inside spreads also.
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Reckless Promwear shoot.

On June 10th we did a shoot with the guys from Reckless Promwear (for their new brochure) at Workhouse Photography Studio. Andrew photographed the 20 dresses on the mannequin, whilst Christina assisted the client with the styling of each dress, making sure everything was just so.

Here’s a selection of the images below:

Reckless Promwear Prom Dresses. © Workhouse Studios 2011. All rights reserved.

 It was a great shoot and a real team effort, what’s more the brochure and shots look really cool – if you want to see some of the behind the scenes shots, head over to the Workhouse Photography Studio website.

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Some cool jumping photos shot in the studio.

We’ve been busy lately shooting a whole range of different subjects, shooting product photos and business portraits – both in the studio and on location. We’ve just finished a really cool shoot today shooting some jump images of designer James Hogg.

We ran it through Aperture 3 and Nik’s Color Effex 3 and we’re very pleased with the end result! We used two Profoto Acute D4 heads to get the result. One gridded and painting the cove with a narrow beam of light, and the other with a 3x4ft softbox aiming straight at James from behind and slightly above.

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Some favourites from 2010.

Browsing through the back catalogue of photos from 2010 there’ve been some great shoots in the studio. Portrait shots for Forbes, room sets for CP Group and some fun shoots with the Workhouse staff, to name but a few. Not only that but I’ve been lucky enough to go out on location with many of our clients.

Here’s just a selection of some of my favourite work from last year.

Craig Bancroft. © Workhouse Studios 2011. All rights reserved.

Room Set Photography. © Workhouse Studios 2011. All rights reserved.

James. © Workhouse Studios 2011. All rights reserved.

Room Set Photography. © Workhouse Studios 2011. All rights reserved.

Business Portraits. © Workhouse Studios 2011. All rights reserved.

Campo. © Workhouse Studios 2011. All rights reserved.

Jack Straw MP at the Youth Zone start of build. © Workhouse Studios 2011. All rights reserved.

Check out more of work on our website.

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Workhouse Studios: Client Testimonial.

Following on from our recent post about having a great start to the year, yesterday we received this fantastic testimonial from Jayne Adamson at CP Group:

“When we decided to develop this exciting new range we wanted to ensure that the things we loved about it weren’t lost in translation along the line.  That’s why we needed to work with a photographic studio that understood the concept and loved it as much as we did.  Workhouse certainly delivered by creating cool, striking room sets that showed off the product perfectly.”

To see more of our work check out the website.
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